Let’s First Understand What is Multi-Cloud Management

Multi-cloud management involves managing cloud computing workloads or cloud service applications from multiple cloud vendors. A multi-cloud environment could be all-private or all-public or hybrid cloud which is a combination of both.

Advantages of Multi-Cloud Strategy

A multi-cloud strategy allows you to adopt different cloud services from different cloud vendors or providers, you can customize your infrastructure according to your business goals, you can take advantage of strengths of different cloud vendors, it gives you flexibility to optimize your cost and performance, provides ability to avoid vendor lock-in and minimize downtime and data loss.

Challenges of Multi-Cloud Strategy

A multi-cloud approach is ideal for most of the businesses but there are a few challenges to it as well.

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John Katrick

I’m John. I’m a software engineer living in Bangalore, India. I am a fan of technology, cloud, and cloud computing. I’m also interested in Enterprise Cloud.

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